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Egyptian Gods


Role: Nubian god of war and victory

Appearance: A lion-headed man, sometimes shown standing on elephants or holding lions and elephants on leashes.

Relations with other gods: In Nubian mythology, Isis was his wife


The Nubian civilization worshipped many of the same gods of the Egyptians, particulary Amun, Isis, Taweret, Mut, Horus, Tefnut, Hathor, and Khnum. There were also gods that were strictly Nubian, including Dedun (the god of the four directions) and Apedemak (the god of war and victory and protector of the Nubian king).

Apedemak's popularity in Nubia skyrocketed during the Meroitic Period (270 BC to AD 350), which was a time when the kingdom moved further south to Meroe and Egyptian culture and influence were going out of style.


Ammut • Amun • Anubis • Apedemak • Aten • Bastet • Bes • Geb • Hathor • Heqet • Horus • Isis • Khnum • Ma'at • Montu

Neith • Nekhbet • Nephthys • Nut • Osiris • Ptah • Re • Renenutet • Satis • Sekhmet • Selket • Set • Sobek • Shu • Taweret • Thoth

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