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Neferchichi's Bazaar

Neferchichi's Clip Art

Want to give your home page an Egyptian theme? Writing a report or making a multimedia presentation about ancient Egypt? Neferchichi's clip art will help satisfy your scribal needs! The download includes nearly 400 images of gods, hieroglyphics, monuments, amulets, animals, people, mummies, and decorative elements. Make your handouts pop with Egyptian style!

Neferchichi Fonts

It's not just any common set of Egyptian typefaces! With Neferchichi Fonts you get detailed images of gods, hieroglyphs, and other Egyptian goodies just by typing on the keyboard). There are three fonts: Gods, Dingbats, and Hieroglyphs. Also included in the download are charts to let you know which keys to hit in order to produce each character. For personal, non-commercial use only.


SimMummy is an exciting simulation where students mummify a "dead pharaoh" following the same steps of the ancient Egyptians. They create all the supplies that their SimMummy need for an eternal afterlife. This is a fun activity for school, summer camp, after school programs, or home school. SimMummy is a digital download.

Check out all the Egyptian merchandise available from our store!

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