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Egyptian Gods


Role: Protector of the home, pregnant women, and babies

Appearance: A hippo walking upright, balancing on a sa (symbol of protection).


Like Bes, Taweret was a deity that was worshipped in the home. She was especially important for protecting women and their children. Taweret protected women throughout the pregnacy and then acted as a divine midwife when delivery came. Women would either wear an amulet in her shape or have a small statue of her likeness in their homes, and it was very common to also see Taweret on the headrests of beds and on cosmetic articles.


Ammut • Amun • Anubis • Apedemak • Aten • Bastet • Bes • Geb • Hathor • Heqet • Horus • Isis • Khnum • Ma'at • Montu

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