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Egyptian Gods


Role: God of war

Appearance: Form of a falcon-headed man, wearing crown with the sun disc and double feather plumes

Sacred animal: A white bull with a black face

Center of worship: Thebes

Relations with other gods: Re (father)


Montu was originally a local god in the city Hermonthis but the rulers of the 11th dynasty carried this worship with them to Thebes when Egypt was reunited by Mentuhotep. In fact, the name "Menuthotep" means "Montu is satisfied" which is appropriate since there was so much fighting going on during this time period.

Montu was thought to fight the enemies of the pharaoh and to make them victorious in battles. He was supposedly a son of Ra and slew his enemies, too.

There is an Egyptian-themed roller coaster at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Florida named Montu. There is also a reproduction of King Tut's tomb there as well.


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