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A Mummification Simulation

There are MANY MORE things to do in the SimMummy Mummification Simulation! Want to know what comes next?


Students will become masons as they sculpt canopic jars, shabtis, and amulets for their SimMummies...

They will assume the role of artisans as they build anthropoid coffins...

They'll become scribes as they make their own paints using Egyptian techniques...

After learning how to write with hieroglyphs they will decorate the coffins with Egyptian funerary designs and images...

Your students will reprise their roles as embalmers when they remove their SimMummies from the natron, wrap them in resin-soaked linen, and provide them with a funeral mask...

And finally they will become highly-paid professional mourners at the funeral. The simulation concludes when the funeral procession makes its way to the tomb, where the mummies will be laid to rest with their canopic jars, shabtis, copies of The Book of the Dead, and senet game boards... all student-created!

To get the all the lessons, you'll need to order SimMummy: A Mummification Simulation. You get:

  • all the lessons that make up the entire simulation, including materials lists, long-range planning calendar, price lists, and student hand outs

  • lessons in writing with hieroglyphs, including student worksheets

  • background information about mummies to copy for student use

  • directions for students to make senet game boards, and then learn how to play!


SimMummy: A Mummification Simulation consists of 78 downloadable pages of lesson plans and reproducibles that is compatible with both Mac and Windows. You can print your own pages from high quality PDF files, or view them on screen with your web browser!

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