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Gods Clock
Mark your hours with a dozen Egyptian deities! A dozen gods and goddesses stand in for the twelve numbers on a typical time piece. Our clock is 10 inches across and requires one AA battery (included). Note: Clock is shipped straight from the manufacturer, so if you order additional merchandise it will be sent separately. Click picture for larger view.


Mummy Mazes
Mummy Mazes is ingeniously designed to open up to 28 poster-size pages that kids will enjoy for hours. There are mummies, monuments, and intricate murals, ancient gods and Tut’s mask, scarabs, an Egyptian night sky, and the Giant Sphinx who guards the pyramid complex at Giza. Once all the mazes are completed, there’s a hieroglyphic puzzle to solve at the end, and then the whole doubles as a coloring book. The pages are perforated to tear, color, and then display on the wall.



Hedgehog Statue
Sculptures of hedgehogs were common household items in ancient Egypt... their ability to roll into a ball to ward off attackers made them a symbol of protection. Show your concern for your friends by buying each of them a hedgehog statue! Stands 3.5 cm tall, 6.5 cm from nose to tail. Click picture for larger view.


Nearly 80 pages of lessons and activities for Macs and PCs. Kids participate in a hands-on mummification simulation by following ancient Egyptian embalming customs as closely as possible. Very popular with all the students! Click here to preview the first few lessons. Note: This is a digital download... you will get an email after your order is processed containing a link to download a zip file containing all the SimMummy files.


Small Tutankhamun Bust
The best known pharaoh of Ancient Egypt! This bust of King Tut is created in the style of the Amarna period– the span of time during the 18th dynasty when Tut's father forced a cultural revolution by changing all the rules of Egyptian art and religion. The bust of Tutankhamun is 10 cm tall and made from resin, finished in a rich chestnut color which is enhanced further with soft bronze and gold finishing.


Pharaoh Bust
This pharaoh is looking stylish in the crown that represents his dominion over Lower Egypt. Cast in resin, this bust looks as if it were sculpted from black granite. Stands 7.5 cm tall.


Discover Mummy
Experience the thrill of an archaeologist when you dig out your very own mummy! Kit contains a sarcophagus-shaped block of gypsum/sand with embedded figure, wooden chisel, and brush. Makes a great gift for anyone over three years of age.


Nefertiti's Chariot Statue
Besides being known for her beauty, Queen Nefertiti is also remembered for the significant role she played in running Egypt with her husband, the pharaoh Akhenaten. This sculpture depicts Nefertiti riding a chariot into battle, representing her position of power. Beautiful details. A rather large piece at 21 cm tall and 25 cm long. Click picture for larger view.


Duamutef Canopic Jar
The stoppers of canopic jars were shaped like the heads of the four sons of the god Horus. Each son protected the organ placed inside his respective jar. Duamutef, who had the head of a jackal, guarded the jar that contained the stomach. However, this jar's stopper does not come off, so you'll need to store your stomach somewhere else. Stands 8 cm, black matte finish.




Sekhmet Statue
Sekhmet, the lion headed goddess of war and vengeance, was not a kitty to mess around with! Her main job was to get even with anyone who wronged Re. Sekhmet wandered the desert, spreading terror wherever she went. Statue stands about 12.5 cm tall and has a black matte finish.


Khonsu Statue
Khonsu was the god of the moon and the passage of time. One Egyptian myth explains that the moon gets smaller each month because Khonsu lost a portion of his moonlight in a series of senet games with Thoth. Statue stands approximately 8 cm tall and has a black matte finish.


Sitting Anubis Statue
Anubis, the god of mummification, was shown as a jackal-headed man or a jackal. This statue measures 9 cm in length. Made of resin and polished with a black finish.


Red Granite Osiris Statue
Standing 29 cm, this statue of the god of the afterlife would add a touch of Egyptian style to your home, office, or tomb. It looks like it was sculpted from red granite but it's really cast in resin.


Black Tutankhamun Mask
Put Tut to work on your desk as a fancy paper weight, or display him on your shelf of collectibles. This 3 inch funeral mask replica is a great gift at a great price. Buy one for yourself and another for your favorite Egyptophile! Black matte finish.


Horus Statue
Horus, the god of kings, was frequently shown as a falcon wearing the double crown. This statue stands 10 cm tall, and is made of polished black resin, making it look as if it was carved from black granite.


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Neferchichi's Clip Art
A huge collection of gods, hieroglyphs, and other Egyptian images. All the clip art files from plus hundreds of high resolution images add up to over 675 files! Files in JPG and EPS formats, compatible with both Macs and PCs.
Note: This is a download... you will get an email after your order is processed containing a link to download a zip file containing the entire collection of clip art.

$15.99 (for personal use)

$69.99 (for commercial use)

What's the difference between personal and commercial use?

Neferchichi's Fonts
It's not just any common set Egyptian typefaces! With Neferchichi's Fonts you get detailed images of gods, hieroglyphs, and other Egyptian goodies just by typing on the keyboard (See examples here). You get three fonts: Gods, Dingbats, and Hieroglyphs. Note: This is a download... you will get an email after your order is processed containing a link to download a zip file containing all the font files.

$15.99 (for personal use)
$69.99 (for commercial use)

What's the difference between personal and commercial use?

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